Thursday, July 12, 2007

Senator Sam Brownback: Vegetative?

Republican presidential candidate Sam Brownback is going campaigning with the late Terri Schiavo's brother this weekend in Iowa. Bobby Schindler (Shiavo's brother), you may recall, was among those lobbying for the government to intervene and prevent Schiavo's husband from removing her feeding tube after 15 years in a vegetative state following a severe anoxic brain injury.

Brownback, if it needs any clarification, is a right-wing nut.

He is the same genius that raised his hand in support of creationist theory at a candidates' debate. He told us without any sense of irony in a NY Times editorial that "People of faith should be rational, using the gift of reason that God has given us". He has called homosexuality "an abomination", and likened abortion to the Holocaust. Oh, and he accepted $42,000 from Jack Abramoff and his associates.

All of which makes me wonder if Brownback himself isn't persistently vegetative.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


A few days ago, I was 'tagged' by Jay at the Sleveen Institute. I'm not sure where this whole tagging thing originated, and frankly I'm too lazy to spend the 5 minutes it would take to find out. So here are 8 random facts about yours truly.

1. I was born and raised near Toronto, but currently live in Vancouver.

2. I am a physician, and have spent so long as a student I barely know how to live otherwise.

3. I am most assuredly not rich, but have no objections to becoming so.

4. I blog pseudonymously since current or future patients may be reading, and my political views shouldn't interfere in the doctor-patient relationship.

5. I have one brother, who is 5 years younger than me, also a physician, and my best friend.

6. I am a "dog person", though I don't have any pets at the moment.

7. I had a life-threatening cancer diagnosed last year, but thanks to a bone marrow transplant I am recovering well (touch wood).

8. I despise chain letters.

Pursuant to #8, I have decided not to tag anyone else. If anyone has strong feelings about this, feel free to leave a comment.