Friday, March 14, 2008

Liberals Ponder Non-Confidence Motion, Will Abstain

RC Press (Ottawa) - Liberal leader Stephane Dion today announced that his party is seriously considering tabling a non-confidence motion in the House of Commons.

"This government has betrayed the trust of Canadians on a number of issues", said an angry Dion. "From the Cadman affair, to NAFTAgate, to inaction on the environment, Stephen Harper has failed to live up to his responsibilities as Prime Minister"

"It is our opinion that this government can no longer stand, so we will be meeting over the weekend to consider drafting a motion of non-confidence".

When asked if he was prepared to topple the Conservative government over the issue, Dion took a more cautious tone. "We'll have to see about that".

Later, MP Ralph Goodale reassured Canadians that they wouldn't be heading to the polls anytime soon. "We have every intention of introducing a non-confidence motion, but we have no intention of bringing down the government over it. We know that Canadians don't want to have another election at this time".

The sentiment was echoed by Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff. "Look, we know that this government has presided over one travesty after another, and we cannot allow it to go on. Mr. Harper continues to obfuscate, evade questions, and steer this country in the wrong direction. Canadians demand better. As the official opposition, it is our duty to bring a non-confidence motion to the floor, and send the Conservatives packing."

"But an election is not the way to accomplish this. So when our motion comes up for a vote, Canadians can be confident that we will not bring down the government over this issue. We'll simply abstain. If Mr. Layton, Mr. Duceppe, and Mr. Harper want to force Canadians into an early election, it will be on their heads".

In response, Prime Minister Harper issued the following statement: "Saying they have no confidence in me amounts to a defamation of my character, and so I have decided to file a second lawsuit against the Liberal Party, Stephane Dion, Ralph Goodale, Michael Ignatieff, Paul Martin, Barack Obama, the CBC, and the estates of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Lester B. Pearson. People need to realize that they cannot oppose me with impunity. I have referred the matter to my lawyer, so I'm afraid I can't comment further."