Saturday, March 8, 2008

Harper Wants Make-Up Sex With Senators

Regardless what you think of Liberal Dan McTeague's private member's bill and its financial implications, you have to love the delicious irony of watching Stephen Harper and his merry band of bombastic anti-Senate buffoons now grovelling before that very same chamber.

After years of griping endlessly about the Senate blocking bills, Harpo is beseeching that group of 'obstructionist, unaccountable, partisan hacks' to....BLOCK McTEAGUE'S BILL!

If the humor of the situation is lost on the CPC rank & file (and given their general stupidity, I think it's safe to assume it is), it is abundantly clear to Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette:

“I'm waiting for the dozen roses and a little word of apology for not appreciating the good work that's being done”

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vindictive God Crushes Huckabee's Hopes

Despite an organized prayer campaign by some of his supporters, a bewildered Mike Huckabee was finally forced to drop out of the Republican Presidential race tonight after losing big to John McCain in all 4 contested states.

Said God, "Yeah, I heard the prayers. But I was like, ' a the math'. It ain't gonna happen".

So long Huck.

Meanwhile over on Democrat side, Hillary has stopped the bleeding with wins in Ohio and Rhode Island. At the time of this blog post, Vermont has gone to Obama and Texas is too close to call. It seems that no matter what happens in Texas tonight, Obama will maintain a lead in delegates. Nonetheless, Hillary has earned some much needed relief from the Obama machine, and has ensured that the drama will continue for at least another few weeks. Is this good for the Dems or bad? Some say that all publicity is good publicity, others that a bitter campaign will only create divisions within the party. Time will tell.