Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shorter Conservatives

"We were forced to lie, deceive and accuse the Opposition of siding with the Taliban in order to protect our troops".

The arrogance of mendacious cretins like Van Loan, MacKay and Buckler to assume that Canadians share their collective lack of intellect is positively stunning.

Amidst criticism from the Manley report that the CPC has been less than forthcoming in sharing details on the Afghan mission with Canadians, the CPC has taken the bold step of being less than forthcoming in sharing details of the Afghan mission with Canadians. Way to go, Steve.

Said Harper's Professional Sacrificial Lamb #3 (Van Loan),
"...there may be an interest in clarity and transparency and we support that"

Laughable. Peter Van Loan: another pitiful sailor on this Ship of Fools.