Monday, May 26, 2008

Bernier Put Out Of His Misery! (and ours)

Maxime Bernier has officially resigned! It's the only thing he successfully accomplished during his time in cabinet. Now he can spend more quality time at biker bars. Bitchin'!

He'll be replaced by the unelected David Emerson (Foreign Affairs), and the vacuous Josee Verner (Francophonie). Emerson will only be appointed on an interim basis, so there's still hope for Rob Anders to complete the Circle of Embarassment at Foreign Affairs. Fingers crossed!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Put Bernier Out Of His Misery!

Maxime Bernier should take a lesson from Rob Anders. When you're galactically stupid, it's best to just keep your mouth shut.

Our 'mimbo' of a Foreign Affairs Minister with a penchant for dating busty biker babes has managed to stick his foot in his mouth yet again.
On Wednesday, Mr. Bernier pledged a C-17 to transport World Food Program helicopters to Bangkok for use in aiding Myanmar as it recovers from an early May cyclone. It was a promise, sources said, that surprised Defence officials because no lifters could do the job. All four C-17s are currently unavailable, two of them because they've broken down. ...It also turns out the C-17 would not likely have been able to do the job Mr. Bernier pledged it for even if it had been available.
Yep. Bernier's about as dumb as they come. Oh, and the government that once berated the Liberals for renting heavy-lift aircraft did in fact manage to secure transport for the WFP renting a Russian Antonov for almost 1 million dollars.