Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breaking: Blogging Tory Solves ALL Moral Dilemmas!

Hey leftards, ever wonder why you spend so much time obsessing over easy moral issues like abortion? So does Blogging Tory Chris! Chris likes wearing toques. Check out the fancy one he's wearing in the picture above (he's the one on the left, standing next to the famous number 4!).

Anyways, Chris tells us all a thing or two about a thing or two in a post called Right is Right.

Right and wrong are not subjective, relative notions. They are what they are. Right is right and wrong is wrong - regardless of whether or not you agree.
BOO-YAH! It's all so simple. Right is right. And wrong is wrong. And if you agree with Chris, you're right. And if you disagree, you're wrong. And since abortion is wrong, pro-choice lefties are wrong. Because killing is wrong. Unless it's for a war. Then it's right. But only if the war is right. Not shitty wars like Vietnam or Korea. But good wars like the war on terror or Dubbya Dubbya Two. Oh and capital punishment. That's probably right too. Because murder is wrong. And the punishment fitting the crime is right. And because the left thinks it's wrong. The left also believes in moral relativism, which is wrong. But the left is usually wrong, and the right is usually right. Right? Right.

If none of this makes any sense to you, Chris implores you to "think about it". After all, why should he do all the heavy lifting?

Yes folks, welcome to the blissfully logic-free world of the Blogging Tories. Where right is right. Wrong is wrong. And dumb is dumb.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

As Transparent as a Brick Wall

When John Manley pressed the Harper government to be more transparent about the mission in Afghanistan, I don't think he meant like this.

Federal lawyers are attempting to shut down an investigation by the military police complaints commission into the handling of Taliban prisoners captured by Canadian troops in Afghanistan.
Big surprise. The Conservatives, who campaigned on promises of accountability and transparency, have been the most secretive, media-averse government in recent history. It begs the question: what are they so afraid of? Such tactics only serve to alienate them from voters, feed the suspicions of those who doubt their motives, and prevent them from breaking their own glass ceiling in the opinion polls.