Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bill Moyers, Jeremiah Wright, and Dr. Roy's "Anericans"

Watch the video clip of Bill Moyers interviewing Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and decide for yourself if Wright is the crazy, racist, unpatriotic zealot that the right-wing swiftboaters and shameless media pundits have made him out to be.
The despicable Bill O'Reilly has said of Wright: "As you may know, Reverend Wright was Barack Obama's pastor for 20 years. We now have proven beyond a reasonable doubt he is an anti-American guy and there's no question about it."
A few observations:
1. After watching the entire interview with Moyers, it is clear to me that Wright is a reasonable, well educated, and well-intentioned individual. He has a passion for preaching that has, on occasion, led him to say some incendiary things to his congregation. But he strikes me neither as racist nor as "Anti-American", whatever that's supposed to mean.
2. Why is Barack Obama being made to answer for the comments of his former pastor?
3. If some decision has been made that politicians are to be held accountable for comments made by those who endorse them, where is the media scrutiny over John Hagee? John "Free Ride" McCain has been relatively fellated by the media and by nutsacks like O'Reilly, Rove and Hannity, despite his endorsement by Hagee, a man who by all accounts is as batshit crazy as they come.

4. Finally, in true form, Dr. Roy misspells his way through another feast from Karl Rove's anus. God Bless "Anerica".

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Affidavit Gong Show

If you're the legal type, the infamous affidavits can be viewed here and here. I must confess, I tried reading through them, but got bogged down pretty quickly. I guess I don't have the stomach for all that legalese. But we all get the gist of the documents: the Conservatives are accused of playing fast and loose with election campaign financing rules to the tune of just over 1 million dollars.

What I find infinitely more interesting than the nuts and bolts of the "In & Out" scam is the haphazard and completely inept way the Conservatives dealt with whole thing. It was emblematic of the way they have handled pretty much every bump in the road since they've been in office.

Running a press conference should be a pretty straightforward exercise. Here's how most people would do it:

1. Announce a press conference
2. Show up, deliver your message, field some questions from the media
3. Leave, preferably via the front door.

Here's how the Conservatives decided to play it:

1. Spend a few days dodging questions in the House of Commons
Opposition: Can we see the warrant?
James Moore/Peter VanLoan: We don't have the affidavits.
Opposition: Um ok. How 'bout the warrant?
James Moore/Peter VanLoan: I told you, we don't have the affidavits.
Opposition: W-A-R-R-A-N-T?
James Moore/Peter VanLoan: [long pause]....Adscam!

2. Finally decide to release the affidavits...but only to selected CPoC-friendly journalists
3. Act surprised that word of the private invitations spread
4. Hastily change the venue of the private spin-doctoring session at the last minute
5. Act surprised when the media finds out about the new location
6. Call the whole thing off halfway through
7. Escape down a fire exit

These are the same assclowns who are responsible for governing our nation. Collectively, we should all be very matter what's in the affidavits.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The GST Cut: Thanks for Nothing

We all know the Conservatives would sell their mothers down the river if it would buy them a few more votes. In fact, "Canada's New Government" has repeatedly abandoned supposedly "conservative" principles in order to advance a more populist agenda. Chief amongst these moves was their commitment to reducing the GST. The economic benefits of the plan were dubious at best, but it sure made for good election campaign fodder. CBC Marketplace has an interesting little piece on the much ballyhooed GST cut, and who the real beneficiaries are (hint: it's not you or me).
*Skip to about 02:50 in the video above for the GST story.