Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Regret to inform...

I am posting to inform you that Red Canuck passed away on October 13, 2009, in Vancouver. He had added me as a contributor to his blog as he started his terminal decline so that I may communicate with his readers after his death. He died peacefully, surrounded by his family.

In addition to being an excellent physician, and an excellent man, he was my big brother and best friend. Navigating through life without his wisdom and expert counsel is an inconceivable task, but one which I now have to face. He once told me how fascinated he was by the nature of the online community. Although he knew many of you only through cyberspace, he gained a sense of some of your personalities and was deeply touched by the comments left on his last post.

RC blogged anonymously because he felt it would be unprofessional for his patients to be made aware of his political opinions and observations. Although that is obviously no longer a consideration, I will respect his view and not write his name here. As many who follow this blog know his identity, I would still like to mention his request that you not send flowers. He preferred that in lieu of flowers, well wishers consider contributing to cancer research.

RC's blog showcased his belief in progress through humanism, rational thinking, and the scientific method. Perhaps one day science will offer us a world in which even the most aggressive cancers cannot deprive us of such a sharp wit and keen intellect. Red Canuck, you enriched the lives of all who knew you. Rest in Peace.