Saturday, May 10, 2008

This Horse Race Is Over

From Wonkette, perhaps the most fitting metaphor for Hillary's doomed (and increasingly annoying) campaign.

JESUS, WHERE TO BEGIN: Hillary Clinton's pick to win horse racing's Kentucky Derby, Eight Belles — the only female horse in the race — finished second, broke both front ankles, and subsequently was put to death on the track. The first place horse was "Big Brown." Go nuts.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ezra Levant: Save the Oil Companies!

Uncle Ezra, acclaimed wingnut and co-founder of the failed fishwrapping Western (Sub)Standard, has this to say about the environmental tragedy in the Syncrude sesspools:
I can’t believe that 500 ducks were wasted that way. Imagine all the lost foie gras (though optimistic scientists have said five of the ducks can be saved). And it’s not just a blow to fine dining. How many Turducken connoisseurs will now have to make do with turkey stuffed just with chicken? How many restaurants will go without their signature dish, Peking Duck – another devious scheme by the Dalai Lama to embarrass the Beijing Olympics?
...Save the ducks? Sure. But I’d rather liberate Saudi women, save Russian democracy, or stop Nigerian theft of foreign aid.
Why these lofty goals need necessarily exclude responsible domestic environmental policy is anyone's guess. But I guess it's that type of advanced thinking that led the Western (Sub) Standard to such lofty heights. And one of Ezra's commenters, "Jon", nicely sums up the conservative position:

But I agree with your point. Save Canadian oil companies! Keep them profitable.

Jon 05.02.08 - 11:50 pm