Saturday, December 8, 2007

Worst Courtroom Sketch. Ever.

"Smiling Confident Bonds in Court", proclaims the Toronto Star. Now, I'm no artist, and I don't mean to nitpick, but seriously. I don't like Barry Bonds, and even I feel bad for the guy after seeing the way he was sketched. He looks like some kind of crystal meth inspired Stan Lee nightmare. Or maybe Roadblock from GI Joe (who coincidentally was probably also on steroids).

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Day Without Illegal Immigrants

Can you imagine such a thing? Republican Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo (R) can. In fact, he salivates over the prospect. In 2006, Tan-cretin (the space cadet in the picture above) published an article in the National Review Online (where else?) in which he mused about the white anglo-saxon utopia that would undoubtedly blossom in the absence of all the dirty illegal aliens.

Said Tancredo,
If the “Day-Without-an-Immigrant Boycott” had been held a year earlier on May 8, 2005, and illegal alien Raul Garcia-Gomez had stayed home and did notwork or go to a party that day, Denver police officer Donnie Young would still be alive and Garcia-Gomez would not be
sitting in a Denver jail awaiting trial. If the boycott had been held on July 1, 2004, Justin Goodman
of Thornton, Colorado, would still be riding his motorcycle and Roberto Martinez-Ruiz would not be in prison for killing him and then fleeing the scene while driving on a suspended license.
...Our highway patrol and county sheriffs would have about far fewer DUI arrests and there would be a dramatic decline in rollovers of vanloads of illegal aliens on I-70 and other
Hard to argue with solid numbers like "about far fewer" and "a dramatic decline". Tancredo went on to enlighten us on the effect of illegal immigrants on the construction industry.

On a Day Without an Illegal Immigrant, thousands of workers and small contractors in the construction industry across Colorado would have their jobs back, the jobs given to illegal workers because they work for lower wages and no benefits. (On the other hand, if labor unions continue signing up illegal workers, no one will be worrying about Joe Six-Pack’s loss. Sorry, Joe, but you forgot to tell your union business agent that your job is as important as his is.)
So, in case you weren't keeping score, if illegal aliens disappeared, Colorado streets would be safer, good ol' boys would still be alive, and "Joe-Six Pack" would be consuming said product on a job site instead of at home. Oh and one more small thing - Tom Tancredo (R) wouldn't have an elaborate entertainment complex added onto his home.

When Tancredo hired a construction crew to transform his drab basement into a high-tech pleasure den in October 2001, however, he did not express concern that only two of its members spoke English. Nor did he bother to check the workers’ documentation to see if they were legal residents of the United States. Had Tancredo done so, he would have learned that most of the crew consisted of undocumented immigrants, or “criminal aliens” as he likes to call them. Instead, Tancredo paid the crew $60,000 for its labor and waited innocently for the completion of his elaborate entertainment complex.
Whoops! Maybe Tancredo can fall back on his old excuse for weaselling out of serving in Vietnam - mental illness.