Friday, August 8, 2008

Aborted Logic

Over at Blue Like You, Joanne (having some time ago completed her "Journey"), is plenty miffed about Dr. Henry Morgantaler's challenge to abortion funding restrictions in New Brunswick. You see, in every province but New Brunswick, elective abortions are publicly funded procedures. Strange, since a full 70% of the 33 respondents to Joanne's recent Poll of Polls favour "some kind of abortion law".

Stranger still, since a recent poll of 4 of my friends showed 100% of respondents in favour of closing the books on the abortion debate. Math is hard.

Anyways, regardless of your views on the choice vs life debate, you have to marvel at the complete absence of intellect by Joanne's commenter "Ed the Hun" who wonders:

Of course the irony to me is that the left (who so FULLY supports Morgentaler) are contradicting their own stance regarding NO PRIVATE HEALTHCARE.

Isn’t Morgentaler’s clinic ‘private’ (as in not part of the publickly [sic] owned) and isn’t what he is asking no different than if someone were to open a clinic in Alberta where you might go to get a hernia repaired for example and the bill is paid by the Alberta Government?

To which Joanne dutifully replies: "Good question, Ed".

Good question?? Is she joking?? Sadly, probably not. Ed and Joanne, I know it's tough, but try to follow here. Morgantaler is fighting for public funding for abortions in NB. Currently, women who wish elective abortions must pay out-of-pocket, which he believes represents an unwarranted barrier to access. Those who support Morgantaler support his challenge against private-pay abortions. So no contradiction exists, despite the tortured logic you invoke to try to make it so. Clear? Good.