Friday, April 27, 2007

Baird Doubles Personal CO2 Emissions Trying to Defend Enviro-Plan

1. As expected, the Conservative environmental plan has come under heavy attack from virtually all corners. Well, all except for big industry. John Baird found himself at odds with David Suzuki, Dalton McGuinty and others at an event designed to promote the "plan".

Some reactions:

"This plan is a terrible disappointment to me. No, I would say it's more than that. It's a sham..."
-David Suzuki

"It falls short of Canadian expectations."
-Dalton McGuinty
"They should go back and take the pulse of public opinion a little more carefully and come back with a better plan"
-Julia Langer, World Wildlife Fund Canada

After playing the blame game and passing the buck for a few minutes, Minister Baird 'turned the corner' and disappeared.

2. Can anyone in the Conservative government give a straight answer regarding the status of detainees in Afghanistan?? Defense Minister Gordon O'Connor was muzzled yesterday, and didn't even bother to show up to question period today. Just as well...he hasn't been able to string 2 sentences together lately without contradicting himself. Meanwhile, Stockboy Day has been floundering along and accusing opposition MPs of questioning the integrity of our troops and sympathizing with the Taliban. Disgusting behaviour from a group of colossal incompetents.

3. On a lighter note, the Raptors lost badly to the New Jersey Carters tonight. Watching Vince play like he actually cared was a novelty, and a bit tough to take. Anyways, this thing isn't over by a longshot, but the next game is kind of a 'must-win' for the boys, who can't afford to come back home down 3-1. Go Raps Go!

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