Friday, May 4, 2007

Calendar Now a Matter of National Security

Helena Guergis' has been steadfast in her moronic accusations that critics of the government's response to allegations of detainee torture in Afghanistan have been taking the word of the Taliban over that of our own troops.

Well, today came another specific allegation of detainee abuse by Afghan authorities. Yes, the same Afghan authorities who have been 'assuring' us (to the satisfaction of the Conservatives) that no abuses were taking place. And no doubt much to the chagrin of Ms. Guergis, this report comes not from the Taliban, but from one of our own soldiers, Col. Steve Noonan (or will Guergis start accusing Noonan of being in the Taliban?). Colonel Noonan was giving sworn statements in advance of legal proceedings launched by human rights advocates.

"The CF (Canadian Forces) learned that detainee had been beaten by the local ANP. When they learned of this, they approached the local ANP and requested that the detainee be given to them," Noonan said.
But, in a continuing effort by the government to obfuscate and cover-up rather than simply come clean and deal with the issue, the goverment's lawyer Sanderson Graham blocked any further questions into the incident including even the date on which it occured. His explanation was...well...inexplicable:

"When did that incident occur?" asked Paul Champ, the Amnesty lawyer.
"We object to that question," Graham replied.
"On what basis?"
"On the basis of national security," Graham said.
"It threatens Canada's national security to know when the Canadian Forces observed local Afghan National Police beating a detainee that they transferred to that unit?" Champ said.
"We object to any questions on this incident generally," Graham replied.

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