Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dr. Roy's Hypocritical Oath

Dr. Roy Eappen's blog is a fascinating little look into early-onset dementia. An unabashed monarchist, Christian, and right-wing cheerleader, he's not as hateful as some of his Blogging Tory counterparts, but he's as spectacularly devoid of logic.

This was Dr. Roy's "thought" on June 10, 2007 at 7:45am:

"I do not support doctor assissted suicide. Human life is

Okay. But these were his insights later the same day, at 10:08pm:

"I belive [sic] that the death penalty is a sometimes necessary deterrent, There are some people too dangerous to allow to live."
I says pardon?? That someone could, within the space of a few hours, advocate vociferously for the sanctity of all human life and then advocate for putting people to death almost beggars belief. But such nuances seem lost on poor Dr. Roy, who dutifully blogs on, safely ensconced in the blissful ignorance of his Christian conservative fantasia.


MD said...

That a fellow physician could be so casually unconcerned with concepts like logic and reason is strange enough. But the most astounding thing on that blog is his agreement with "been around the block"'s analysis that the problem regarding doctor-assisted suicide is that only

"20% of Canadians attend church, hear the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, and therefore have any concept of the sacredness and the integrity and dignity of all human life"

Sentiments like that are more than merely simple minded and arrogant. I would go so far as to suggest that they are bigoted views.

Markus D. said...

Yep, Dr. Roy is a paragon of contradictions.

It rare that I find coherency among the BTs. I think the problem is, in part, fanaticism with regard to power as a concept with absolute value. These ideas I believe cause a strategy which pits individuals and groups against each other.

Liberalism can also be accused of being fanatical, however at least some principles (e.g. human rights, pluralism) can be identified that don't create the contradictions that would be found in the conservative argument.

Red Canuck said...

md - "been around the block" is an intellectually challenged individual. One of those types that refers to pro-choice advocates as "pro-abortionists" and such.

His arrogance and bigotry come as little surprise to me.

Red Canuck said...

Markus D - Coherency is indeed in short supply over in BT-land. What I find amazing is that they don't appear at all unsettled by the fact that an inherently gray world doesn't fit snugly into their black & white paradigm. Instead they just abrogate their own sacred values when it suits them, and just keep marching on.

life of an unborn fetus = sacred
life of a person with terminal illness = sacred
life of a convict = ehhh, ummm, not so sacred

I believe Red Tory refers to this as a lack of "cognitive dissonance", and he is quite right.

With regards to your reference to liberal "fanatics", I'm not sure who these people are. In my estimation, true liberalism (not the partisan kind) promotes values and a world view that would tend to exclude fanatacism. In other words, fanatacism tends to occur when people believe in absolutes, rights and wrongs, and a moralistic sense of entitlement. Since true liberals reject these notions, I would think that "liberal fanatics" would be a rare breed indeed.

McGuire said...

Seeing as how many of you oppose the death penalty & support abortion, I wonder who's the real hypocrite here. You guys are not the least bit different than Dr. Roy. You're both inconsistent.

If you oppose abortion b/c it kills human life, then you should oppose the death penalty. Same logic applies to those who are the reverse. Be consistent

Red Canuck said...

Mcguire - Unlike Dr. Roy, I do not have overarching religious principles as the basis for my positions on various issues.

I'm paraphrasing, but Dr. Roy seems to believe in an underlying basic tenet that "Life is sacred because it is a gift from God". If this is true, it is hard to understand how he can defend the life of a fetus (including an 8 cell zygote), but stamp the life of a convict with "Return to Sender".

Unlike Dr. Roy, I don't subscribe to the belief that life must be preserved at all cost due to some divine origin. I believe that life has value, and that it should be respected. However, I also believe in the autonomy of informed people to make decisions about their own lives. As such, I try to analyze every ethical dilemma independently, without adherence to strict dogmatic Judaeo-Christian notions of "right" and "wrong". Dr. Roy does subscribe to these notions, and it is for this reason that his positions are inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Roy can't have it both ways - either you believe death is God's choice or you don't. You can't argue against assisted suicide in one breath and then for capital punishment in another.

Dr. Roy is a flake to say the least and I certainly wouldn't go to a doctor like him.

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