Sunday, July 1, 2007

Happy 140th, Canada!!

For your viewing pleasure, here is The Rant, possibly the best Canadian beer commercial ever.

Happy Canada Day!!


Lenny said...

Thanks for this post, RC.

This a great commercial for beer, which also capitalizes on the idealized way we see ourselves. While there is a lot of truth to what Joe highlights as national traits, now more than ever, Canadians must work to continue promoting and protecting those values.

Personally, I fear we have lost our way. Of course, it's not easy in the context of a continent seduced by fear and living in the age of "preemptive strikes." But collectively and through sound governance, Canadians must work harder towards promoting peace and security by targeting their root causes, and assist in sustainable and equitable economic and social development in all parts of the world.

If, as Joe claims in the commercial, we as a nation prefer "peacekeeping not policing," then we have strayed. On the occasion of our 140th birthday, Canadians must reflect on more recent history and reclaim our rightful legacy as a country that brokers, not bombs. The world has too much to lose if, as a nation, we pursue the latter.

knb said...

I think it's time to bring that ad back!

Happy Canada Day RC.

Anonymous said...

That's good, but this is better....

Red Tory said...

Zee best Canadian commercial, ever. ;)

What a shame that Molson could never run one like it again.

Oh, and there's kind of a funny parody of this commercial that you might want to check out.

Red Tory said...

Oops. Sorry Anon. I see that's the same as yours.

Red Canuck said...

Lenny - yes, this was one of the best (although the Bud Light Institute has had some strong contenders south of the border).

It played on some of our shared neuroses, and undoubdtedly made a lot of money for Molson.

But you're quite right that it also portrayed us the way we would like to see ourselves. We would indeed be well served to work towards ensuring that we live up to our own ideals.

Red Canuck said...

RT & Anon - Thanks for that link! It was quite funny. I also saw an amusing parody of The Rant done by William Shatner. Its certainly got a lot of mileage!