Thursday, July 26, 2007

WorldNutDaily and a Radiology Lesson

This is a CT scan of a relatively normal brain.

This is a CT scan of a very abnormal brain.

And this is Tristan Emmanuel.

What lies betwixt his neo-Elvis mutton chop sideburns is anyone's guess. But he is determined to edu-ma-cate our neighbours to the south about the Communist horror that is Canada. Published today at the WorldNutDaily, is his premiere article - thoughtfully entitled "Freedom-snatching Commie-Commissions". The target of his ravings this time around is the Human Rights Commission, and its "assault" on the folks at Free Dominion. (The issue of content at FD has been discussed by Red Tory, Jeff Davidson, and BigCityLib)

Students of history will have heard of SMERSH. It was a forerunner of the KGB, a Communist Party commissariat under Josef Stalin. SMERSH was empowered to investigate and arrest conspirators and public critics of "the Party" – people living in the former Soviet Union didn't have constitutional freedoms. Well, Canada has its own commissariats, in the form of Human Rights Commissions. Some people refer to them as "kangaroo courts," but that is misleading because they really are dangerous. That's why I call them Commie-Commissions, and like SMERSH, they are empowered to investigate anyone who does not abide with the current stream of political correctness.

He's right of course. "Kangaroo court" (how most normal people refer to the Human Rights Commission) is totally misleading. Everyone knows we don't have kangaroos in Canada.

But whatever the reasons, the Commie-Commissions have determined that criticism of either homosexuals or Muslims is strictly off limits, even if the critiques are rooted in verifiable truth. And finally, and most importantly, remember that America is the last bastion of real political freedom left in the world. Most other Western democracies have bought into the hate-crimes propaganda, surrendering their constitutional liberties to those arrogant elites at the U.N. who want power and control and who are prepared to stuff political correctness down our throats even if that means muzzling free speech. Commie-Commissions are as dangerous as SMERSH – don't let them set foot in your country.
If not for freedom crusaders like Emmanuel, the Islamophobic, homophobic people at Free Dominion might be forced to surrender their "constitutional liberty" of bigotry to the "arrogant elites at the U.N." Eat that, Ban Ki-Moon!!


Bowler said...

If anything, I think Red Tory was too soft on Free Dominion. I skimmed through some of that discussion page on same sex marriage. Family friendly? More like a refuge for half-wit hatemongers, I'd say.

Well I'm finally on holiday and off to the West Coast for a week. Sadly not Vancouver, but San Francisco. I will let you know if some of the same characters are still hanging around Fisherman's Wharf (sorry, that sounds bad, but I can't resist the inside joke).

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmm... salad's got nothin' on this mutton. - Jerry Seinfeld

Yet another sad reflection on the governing party. They're not just doing a bad job - they LOOK like they're doing a bad job. Way to go, mutton chops!

Red Canuck said...

Bowler - Good to hear from you, my friend! Have a good time in San Fran...and gimme a call if you get the chance. I'd be interested to see if "the Poor House" is still in operation. ;^)

AB said...

I am very attracted to that man in the picture. Is that so wrong?