Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Fuhrer" Over U.S. Navy Building

This is one of the stranger stories I came across today. Apparently, the US Navy is spending $600,000 dollars to renovate a 40 year old barracks building in Coronado California. The reason? Satellite images of the building on Google Earth have revealed its shape to be that of a swastika!
The Navy said officials noted the buildings' shape after the groundbreaking in 1967 but decided against changing it at the time because it wasn't obvious from the ground. Aerial photos made available on Google Earth in recent years have since revealed the buildings' shape to a wide audience.

As a replacement for the swastika buiding, the Navy has decided to build three sister barracks side by side by side, which will be able to accomodate many more sailors. The first of the three buildings has been completed, and an aerial view is provided below:

I'm heading up to Whistler for the weekend, so no blog updates till at least next week. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Bowler said...

Fascinating, weird story. Could not have been a coincidence. The blueprints would have resembles a swastika too.

To make this even more weird, if you look at the photo on Google Maps, the buildings to the South-West resemble bombers. Perhaps the architect was trying to make some sort of statement!