Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mike McGuire: A Sadist with a Heart

"I understand that torture isn't something that's to be all that fond of."
So says Mike McGuire in one of his more feculent "dispatches" from the Socialist Gulag. Good for you Mike, good for you.
Gee, I thought all along that waterboarding doesn't work, that roughing up terrorist scum isn't the way to interogate them because it's counter-productive. Well, it appears the bleeding hearts were wrong...
Well, Mikey, I don't suppose it would do any good to point out that in fact there has never been any evidence that torture is an effective means of eliciting valid information. Or that many people more enlightened than you (and I'm guessing that's a pretty big list) have dismissed it as unreliable. Or that lack of efficacy is not the only thing that "bleeding hearts" have against the practice of physically and psychologically abusing another human being. Seems ethics, a basic sense of human decency...and...oh yeah..the law are hardly the types of things one has time to ponder when shrieking for the heads of one's enemies from the chilly depths of the socialist gulag.

In case you're wondering, Mike is referring to a recent admission that the CIA used waterboarding on an Al Qaeda prisoner, and "broke" him in 35 seconds. What the "dispatch" fails to mention is that the CIA was so proud of their accomplishments in this regard, they decided to destroy the video evidence. And as Wonkette observes:
Um, hey, buddy? If it only takes about 30 seconds of non-torture-y waterboarding to break a senior terrorist dude, then either waterboarding is way more torture-iffic than you really know, or the guy’s such a pussy you probably didn’t need to torture him in the first place to get the information out of him. I’m just sayin’.
But maybe my heart doth bleed too much. Maybe we should torture them all! And since Mike is so convinced that these kind of techniques don't cause "death or long term physical damage", maybe we could start with him! If the CIA strapped a car battery to his genitalia, he'd probably fess up to the JFK assassination. And 5 bucks says he'd do it in less than 35 seconds. Any takers?

Update: Courtesy of Canadian Cynic, turns out that Mike's shining example of waterboarding success is a little less than advertised. The CIA found Zubaydah was "certifiably insane" and knew "nothing about terrorist organizations". No soup for you, Mike!


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that "we" always find a way to justify torture when "we" do it. If "they" use torture, they are vile scum.... How does that work again?

RuralSandi said...

I remember watching John McCain in an interview discussing torture which he is totally against. Everyone knows he was prisoner of war in Viet Nam for 5 years and was tortured.

McCain said torture "does not" bring results and apparently that's been proven. He said he'd say anything to get them to stop.

I wonder why those that are for it, want to put us down to the level of the people we're fighting.

Johnathon said...

I find it funny that you leftists always leave out the most important point.

That is that US Army soldiers and US Marines are subject to water boarding in training.

If it was your kids that were going to be blown up, you would do anything possible to stop the attacks.

But since it's Americans who would die, who cares.

How Canadian, and how Liberal.

Johnathon said...

Hey Cherniak-WTF.

This is the difference you BONEHEAD.

When your friends in Al Qaeda torture people, they do so to inflict massive amounts of pain before they cut their head off.

When Americans usa waterboarding, they do so to gather intelligence to save lives.

That's the difference.

Is it that hard for you to understand?

Red Canuck said...

See, CWTF? Joannathon's simple-minded screed makes it so clear. When they do it...BAD. When we do it...GOOD. We're torturers with a heart of gold.

Get a clue Johnathon.

Red Tory said...

It's all slapstick fun to the likes of Fred and Mike.

You can bet they'd be the first in line queuing up for tickets if public hangings were brought back.

Aside from that, it's another example of the "situational ethics" of many on the Right it seems.

Johnathon said...

Red Tory, the leftist loon who likes to ban i.p's because he doesn't like the truth.

If Red Tory's kids were going to be killed, he would do anything to stop it.

But when it's Americans that are going to be killed, Red Tory say's," It's O.K, Americans should be killed, no big deal".

Red Tory would do anything possible to save the lives of his loved ones.

If that includes waterboarding, he would do it.

But again, if its American lives, all the leftist anti-Americans like Red Tory would let them die.

Thankfully, President Bush cares more about American lives than the leftist Red Tory.

P.S ( Red Tory, you ever heard of an I.P hider?)

Google it, you will see what I am going to use to post on your site.

RuralSandi said...

Jonathan - you claim to be American and you claim you are not in prison and you claim you are an American in Canada.

My suggestion, Bud, if you don't like leftist Canada - go the hell home.

Johnathon said...

Since when do prisons have Internet access dummy?

I am NOT in prison, and never have been.

And yes I am dual American-Canadian citizen.

I will give up my Canadian citizenship as soon as the muslims take over take over Canada.

I figure that will be in about 40 years.

By then ,I'll be an old man living in Florida like I do now for 6 months of the year.

Again, I know your a leftist, but you should still know that people in prison DO NOT have Internet access either in Canada or the great USA.

Grow up.

Maybe I should permanently move to the USA.

Like Wayne Gretzky, Avril Lavigne, Jim Carrey and Keither Sutherland.

And that's just a few of the thousands of Canadians who move to the best country in the world, every single year.

Red Tory said...

You're a sick individual Fred. I've noted you popping around just about every Liberal blog dropping your turds. I think the Welland constabulary might be interested in your activities. As might be the folks at Cogeco for violating their Terms of Service.

Bowler said...

Don't tease Johnathon. Apparently he's still pissed that they wouldn't let him surf the web for Avril Lavigne pictures when he was in the big house.

Welland? Man, you're just a twenty minute drive from the border. Talk about lazy. You could leave Canuckistan forever, if you would just get off your ass, stop trolling leftist blogs, and go.

Johnathon said...

Red Tory, is a loon of the highest order.

Case closed.

MD said...

Case closed Johnathon? Fair enough...who could possibly contradict such an eloquent and factual argument? Come to think of it, the pro-torture hawks in the Bush administration don't really need speechwriters. Just publishing your semi-literate internet rants should be more than enough to convince a reluctant public to see the light. Canada will sorely miss you after the muslim takeover.

asd said...

I see the pea-brained bigot Johnathon rears his ugly head again. It is futile to have a civilized, rational dialog with someone who blindly worships the likes of Tancredo and Bush, claims to have dual American-Canadian citizenship, lives here in Canada and yet constantly bad-mouths Canada ( like a dog that bites the hand that feeds him). He barks at everyone who does not agree with his sick thinking. He is here only to abuse our welfare and healthcare systems and hasn’t got the guts to get the hell back to the US. Go back so we can say good riddance.

Red Tory said...

Poor Fred, he's such a sad person. But hey... Mikey likes him! New bestest pals. Mike McGuire and the psychotic, racist Internet stalker. Have fun in the "socialist gulag" of Pictou, Nova Scotia (the Deputy PM's riding, by the way).

Red Canuck said...


Being pro-torture is like being pro-child molestation. There's no "good side" to it.

When your friends in Al Qaeda torture people, they do so to inflict massive amounts of pain before they cut their head off.

So, if they just tortured them and didn't kill them, you'd be ok with that? Would you no longer call them "scum" and "Islamofascists"? I doubt it.

As for your ridiculous assertions about Red Tory, just give it a rest. If you really think he's a "leftist", you are either illiterate or irretrievably stupid.

Probably a little from column A and little from column B.

Red Tory said...

People like Fred must get awfully confused when they watch “South Park” (presuming they do).

Ryan said...

Oh man. At first, I wasn't sure if Johnathon was a brilliant satirist, or a blockhead.

Man oh man, but the part about "liberals" and "leftists" being on the side of the terrorists was the icing on the cake. Kudos for your brilliant performance, Johnathon! Especially the mock-pubescent rage!

Anonymous said...

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