Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good Riddance!

Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the Republican Presidential race today. Strangely, his brilliant strategy of focussing virtually his entire campaign on 2 states (Florida and New York) didn't work out for him.

"Yeah, it's a real head-scratcher", said Giuliani. "I would have thought running on a platform of 9/11, being considered a left-wing Republican, and campaigning in all of 2 states would really have been enough to get me over the top."

When asked if he would have done things differently, Rudy acknowledged that his focus may have been too narrow. "It was probably a mistake to direct all my energy on just Florida and New York. Next time, I'll add Hawaii or Rhode Island."


Bowler said...

Yeah, President Guiliani would have been a nightmare. I guess at least he believes in evolution (I think).

Be fair, though, RC. Didn't he also campaign in New Jersey?

Red Canuck said...

Bowler - Ah yes, can't forget about the Garden State. Our mutual friend Mo and I were laughing about Rudy's "strategy" last week, and sure enough he got his ass handed to him. What a putz.

As for the evolution thing, I'm hoping its just a matter of time before cretins like Huckabee drop out. His little Iowa victory seems to have been a flash in the pan, and not even Chuck the Schmuck Norris can save him down the stretch.

Bowler said...

I tend to agree that Huck is fizzling. He was whining in the last Republican debate that McCain and Rombot were getting all of the questions.

It may be the ultimate back-handed compliment, but McCain is probably the best of the Republican bunch. At least he opposes torture, and Mark Steyn seems to hate him, which gives him points in my book.

MD said...

I agree. McCain is the best of a pretty weak Republican field. You wouldn't think that opposition to torture would so dramatically separate a Presidential candidate from the rest of his field, but that seems to be what it has come to.