Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maybe Zimbabwe Can Monitor Our Next Elections?

According to Emperor Harper, things are just so rotten with Elections Canada, that our own government was today unable to support a motion expressing confidence in the institution. In case it needs clarifying, the Conservatives are rapidly becoming a daily joke.
Nevermind the fact that a motion in support of a Canadian federal institution was initiated by the separatist Bloc Quebecois - bizarre in and of itself. What does it say about the petty vindictiveness and arrogance of the CPC when they declare they don't have confidence in the very body that certified their own election to government?

Ignatieff noted other parties have had their share of disputes with Elections Canada over the years and acknowledged that the agency is "not infallible." Nevertheless, he said it deserves to be respected and supported and he called the Conservatives' refusal to do so "shameful" and "dangerous."
"They are the anchor of our democracy," Ignatieff said.
Harper responded by saying his party has "followed all the laws" and guidelines "that have been used for years, allowed by Elections Canada, and used by every single party."

Uh huh. So, let me get this straight. The Conservatives have no confidence in Elections Canada. In fact, they're taking them to court. Yet their defense for the In & Out scandal is that they did nothing wrong, because they followed all of the rules used by Elections Canada - the institution in which they have no confidence. I'm sure it all makes perfect sense in the magical mystery world of Stephen Harper, the Patron Saint of Perpetual Victimization.

Update: Today's Dr. Roy-ism is - wait for it - "Coonfidence", a term likely to offend everyone from English professors to Jesse Jackson.


RuralSandi said...

Too bad Duceppe is a separatist - he says smart things at times.

In an interview on CPAC - Duceppe said that if Elections Canada were out to get anyone it would be the separatist party - he said that the Conservatives saying EC were out to get them just doesn't make sense.

Is Dr. Roy really a doctor? I find it hard to believe - he's so naive and impressionable. What's with this HM crap?

Red Canuck said...

Yes, Duceppe had a few zingers during QP as well. The whole notion that EC has it "in" for anyone is laughable. I don't know what it is about the Conservatives, and why they feel they are always at the centre of some huge conspiracy. It's pathetic really.

Re: Dr. Roy...apparently yes, he really is a doctor. It beggars belief, doesn't it?

Bowler said...


Oh my. Maybe Dr. Roy was watching those clips on YouTube about Confederate States of America that RT had posted??

I think Duceppe is the most competent politician among all of the federal party leaders right now. He's come a long way in 10 years from his hair net photo days.

MD said...

Bowler...I agree that Duceppe has improved a little over the years, but the appearance of improvement has been exaggerated by comparison against weaker opponents. During his hair net days he was battling the old pro Chretien (or should I say HMPM pseudochretien?). Whatever you thought of his specific policies, I would say Chretien had the sharpest political skills of any politician this country has seen in a generation. He could have wiped the floor with any of the current party leaders, Duceppe included. Certainly Duceppe seems quite impressive these days though.

Red Canuck said...

I couldn't help but think of RT's post about CSA when I read "coonfidence" as well. Dr. Roy's ridiculous misspellings are emblematic of his overall intellectual laziness (eg parroting this whole "EC hates the CPC" meme).

Re: Duceppe, I would agree that he has become a more impressive figure in recent months. But MD is correct to point out that his competition consists of Stephen Harper, Stephane Dion and Jack Layton. Sort of like the old "Kingston No-Stars" Hockey Team that used to appear on CKWS.

Bowler said...

Heh. Do you remember that prof. we had whose textbook was filled with the most ridiculous typos: "Canada wa" "The light turned greed" "This must can be ventured"? So, Dr. Roy is not alone.

I will admit to a few embarrasing gaffes myself, but as you point out Dr. Roy's are so frequent and so bizarre that they indicate at the very least that he types faster that he thinks.

BTW, new photo is better suited to you than Borat. Actually, Borat would be perfect for Dr. Roy.

Red Canuck said...

Yes I remember him well, walking around in his Birkenstocks and twirling his ponytail as he lectured. And I think "Princess Stress" was another one of his myriad typos. BTW, wasn't Lenny in that class briefly?

BTW, new photo is better suited to you than Borat.

Thanks. I'd been looking to change it for a while, but due to a combination of laziness and lack of imagination, hadn't gotten around to doing it. But as I was surfing around the other day I came across my old friend Fletch F. Fletch, and became inspired!