Sunday, May 25, 2008

Put Bernier Out Of His Misery!

Maxime Bernier should take a lesson from Rob Anders. When you're galactically stupid, it's best to just keep your mouth shut.

Our 'mimbo' of a Foreign Affairs Minister with a penchant for dating busty biker babes has managed to stick his foot in his mouth yet again.
On Wednesday, Mr. Bernier pledged a C-17 to transport World Food Program helicopters to Bangkok for use in aiding Myanmar as it recovers from an early May cyclone. It was a promise, sources said, that surprised Defence officials because no lifters could do the job. All four C-17s are currently unavailable, two of them because they've broken down. ...It also turns out the C-17 would not likely have been able to do the job Mr. Bernier pledged it for even if it had been available.
Yep. Bernier's about as dumb as they come. Oh, and the government that once berated the Liberals for renting heavy-lift aircraft did in fact manage to secure transport for the WFP renting a Russian Antonov for almost 1 million dollars.


knb said...

He has been useless from day one. Nice suits, but forgive me if that is not what I want standing for and behind our foreign policy.

Le 'playboy' is in way over his head.

It's astonishing where this country gone in 2 short, (the longest of my life) years.

Red Canuck said...


His strengths: wardrobe

His weaknesses: everything else

He is the classic "mimbo"...all style, no substance. I honestly wonder how he got elected. His constituents should be ashamed of themselves for sending such a miserably incompetent buffoon to Ottawa.

Red Tory said...

You should drop in on JoJo's place to get a whiff of the mock outrage at Ignatieff's calls for Bernier's resignation. Funny stuff. Lots of huffing and puffing about some of Iggy's "gaffes" as well as righteous indignation galore over the previous renting of heavy lift aircraft... in other words, totally missing the point as is par for the course with JoJo and that dismal bunch.

Red Canuck said...

RT - I usually avoid JoJo's Propaganda Shack, but I'll swing by and have a read. Commenting there is next to useless, as the few contrarian viewpoints that make it past the screening process typically don't generate much in the way of meaningful dialogue.

Red Canuck said...

RT - Ugh. I just read JoJo's post and the comments. What a bunch of horseshit. One of the comments: "the Liberals are stuck in the '90's with their blame-gaming"

BWAHAHAHAHA! A Conservative accusing others of playing the blame that's rich.

MD said...

It would appear that HMPM Harper reads your blog! I just heard that Bernier is out of foreign affairs. Being a great believer in democracy, Harper has replaced him with David Emmerson (I understand he's something of a popular hero in your city).