Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shady Business As Usual

Today, major newspapers are reporting that the Conservatives may be attempting to derail the Ethics Committee's inquiry into the In & Out scandal by discouraging key witnesses from attending.

The official agent for a Conservative candidate in Toronto told The Canadian Press on Tuesday that he and other potential witnesses were told by an organizer for the federal party as late as Monday that they didn't have to testify at the inquiry if they didn't want to.

Douglas Lowry said the organizer, whom he named as Carmen McGregor, gave the advice after he and others received summonses from the Commons ethics committee.

“We've all been told,” Mr. Lowry said.

I don't know if it's true, but it's certainly easy to believe. I only wonder how long it will take for the Conservatives to blame these allegations of impropriety on the Liberals...
[Conservative MP Gary Goodyear] said Szabo's suggestion that something is amiss is just further evidence that this is a “partisan forum” and described the hearings as an “illegal” process.
Ahhh....and there it is. Your Conservative government, ladies and gentlemen: governing from the bottom down.

Update: A good review of the Ethics Committee shadiness over at Liberal Arts & Minds.


knb said...

Indeed RC.

If you'd seen Lowry, he was the most earnest guy in the world. He seriously thought he was helping 'his team', but he dealt them blow after blow.

I felt for him, truth be known. He's one of those guy's who has taken the Con's at their word. He's not stupid, but rather someone who is content to give their intellectual curiousity over to those who on the surface espouse his views.

Sad, but revealing.

Red Canuck said...

KNB - I missed the actual committee meeting, and got most of the details from the papers. To be honest, I find most committee coverage on CPAC to be pretty dreary stuff, but I think I would have enjoying watching Lowry make numnutzes like Dean Del Mastro sweat a little bit.

knb said...

They are generally dreary, but this committee will prove to be the exception.

Del Mastro trying to sound intelligent, Goodyear preaching and lying in perfect rhythm, Wallace screaming at Szabo for treating him like an idiot and in the next shot, Wallace leaning back on his chair, hanging his tongue out like a parched canine. (That actually was bizarre and lasted a long time. He didn't hang it out exactly, he just opened his mouth, parked the tip of his toungue behind his lower teeth and exposed the surface of it to the camera. He didn't appear to know he was on camera, so that tells me he sit's like that at home.) ***Shiver.***

Finally, we had Tilson 'hear, hear'ing!' in every mic, as if his words had meaning.

To be honest, they looked like the village idiots and my only regret is that it wasn't required watching for all Canadians.

If EC is on tomorrow, I expect less of a B team from the Con's. Heibert maybe and .....hmmm, not sure.

I think they thought today would be a cake walk. In fact it exposed more of a 'let them eat cake' attitude so I think some players will change.

Thanks very much for the link RC.

Red Canuck said...

KNB - Wallace leaning back on his chair, hanging his tongue out like a parched canine.

Wow. That's seriously wierd. Of course, it's expected behaviour for slack-jawed yokels.

It's aggravating to me that the Cons continually campaign on transparency and accountability yet do everything in their power to obstruct and deflect. I hope Canadians pay attention to stories like these, and keep them in mind come election time.

Oh, and you're more than welcome for the link!

RuralSandi said...

I watched it. What a pathetic display from the Tories....like little Mafia punks.

Tilson, my grumpy for show....got caught on camera with a smirk on his face.

I felt sorry for Lowry....he's one of those that truly believe his party and leader are the best thing since sliced bread and believes everything they tell him - glad he's not my banker. He kept referring to the NDP which I found odd,unless of course he had been instructed to prior to the hearing.

I hope CPAC show it over and over again and I'm certainly going to tell everyone I know to try to watch it if they can.

The Blogging Tories, of course, are going to put down Szabo - but I think Szabo showed extreme patience.

They keep referring to Libby Davies....the NDP haven't said anything about it that I know...why are they so quiet? She deserves to have her name cleared if she is innocent.

penlan said...

One other thing on Wallace. At one point the camera was on him sitting next to whoever was questioning the witness at the time. There he was picking his teeth with a toothpick, moving back & forth in his chair as well as though he couldn't get comfortable, with a very "vacant" look on his face & in his eyes. This lasted for about a minute & was totally disgusting.

So yes, a yokel. From Burlington, ON no less. Not exactly a rural town/setting. Far from it.

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