Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tears Flow at the National Compost

It's not particularly high minded, but I must confess I do get a sort of smug satisfaction in watching the worthless hacks at the National Post foaming at the mouth over the prospect of a coalition government.

In a particularly fetid editorial which may as well have been penned by Pierre Poilievre himself, the question is posed:
[A]h, "elections" -- who else remembers that quaint method we once used to pick prime ministers?
This CPC talking point and outright LIE has been exposed and quashed many times over, but needless to say in our parliamentary democracy, we have never used general elections to "pick prime ministers". We pick MPs, as this insightful article explains.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Kay makes an impassioned case for Canada to become a Republic, complaining about the country's future being left in the hands of an unelected Governor General.
The wonderful thing about the American system — the aspect that never gets talked about for some reason — is that the President can appoint any genius he likes to Cabinet spots ... The President, as ultimate decider, just picks the best people, they accept and … that's it.
Kay fails to explain why unelected Presidential appointees are more "democratic" than a GG, or what in particular makes them "the best people". One need only look as far back as Donald Rumsfeld, Alberto Gonzalez and Michael Brown to realize that Presidential appointees needn't be qualified or competent to earn their jobs.

Finally Lorne Gunter writes a tongue-in-cheek piece bemoaning the economic calamity which awaits the country under a "socialist" coalition. I would point out only that Lorne writes for the National Post, an ardently conservative newspaper which has lost money every year since its inception (by some estimates, $15 million per year) and continues to do so.

The prospect of a coalition government comes with a number of question marks, and though I support it, I do have some degree of trepidation. Still, watching the conservapundits sweat and squirm puts a small but sweet smile on my face.


MD said...

The PM is meeting the GG tomorrow, but during his address he made no mention of the meeting or what he's going to ask her for. Interesting times ahead...

Red Canuck said...

MD - I think Lawrence Cannon said after the speeches that he is going to ask the GG for prorogation. No surprise he didn't mention that little factoid in his micro-speech.

Red Tory said...

Hey, cool new look!

On topic, that was typical rubbish from the NP. And that editorial from Kay was just ridiculous. Like we need a system where members of Congress spend the vast majority of their time/effort raising funds needed to get re-elected when they're not actually running for office. The rest of the time is spent appeasing the lobbyists that they're all beholden to.

Red Canuck said...

RT - Thanks! Just thought it was time for a change...

I think the writers at the Compost are about to have a collective nervous breakdown. I didn't even get to Kelly McParland's many wingnuts, so little time!

RuralSandi said...

Save our trees - close down the NP.

Red Tory said...

Well, it looks awesome.

Speaking of blogger stuff, Wordpress just did a huge change-up behind the scenes without any notice at all... and still no preview on the comments! I'd choke them if I could.

Oh, and I second that emotion from Sandi. I got so fed up of all the wasted/unread paper from my NP subscription earlier this year (I let it lapse). Mounds and piles of paper. The local rag is just as bad... even worse perhaps because it comes stuffed with a pound of fliers — a criminal waste of resources... it goes straight into the Blue Bag.