Saturday, March 8, 2008

Harper Wants Make-Up Sex With Senators

Regardless what you think of Liberal Dan McTeague's private member's bill and its financial implications, you have to love the delicious irony of watching Stephen Harper and his merry band of bombastic anti-Senate buffoons now grovelling before that very same chamber.

After years of griping endlessly about the Senate blocking bills, Harpo is beseeching that group of 'obstructionist, unaccountable, partisan hacks' to....BLOCK McTEAGUE'S BILL!

If the humor of the situation is lost on the CPC rank & file (and given their general stupidity, I think it's safe to assume it is), it is abundantly clear to Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette:

“I'm waiting for the dozen roses and a little word of apology for not appreciating the good work that's being done”


RuralSandi said...

The Liberal Leader in the Senate says the Harper government should apologize for denigrating the upper chamber it's now imploring to kill a costly private member's bill aimed at providing tax benefits to parents saving for their children's education.

Too funny. My mother used to say - never make an enemy, you might need them some day. Always listen to your mother it seems.

She used to tell me that if you don't like someone just don't bother with them - you never know.


Bowler said...

Pftt. Obviously Steve doesn't care about my child's education or cutting taxes.

Red Canuck said...

Sandi - Too true. Everyone in Ottawa plays partisan politics, but Harper and his ministers have made a habit of publicly denigrating their opponents.

It's gratifying to see them eat some shoe leather now.

Red Canuck said...

Bowler - That's the other irony of this little situation, isn't it? Not only is the CPC counting on the Senate to obstruct passage of a bill, they are trying to make an argument against a tax cut.

That douchebag Flaherty has basically used the last couple of years cutting taxes and increasing spending. The Conservatives have always touted themselves as such great fiscal managers (a baldfaced lie), and now these geniuses are saying that our balance sheet is so tenuous that this bill would push us back into deficit. Reminiscent of what he did in Ontario.

Oh, and yes he hates your child too.

MD said...

You're right. I think the humour of the situation is probably lost on the Conservatives. Humility is not their forte.

Bowler said...

Humility is not their forte.

Neither apparently, is fashion. How on Earth did Stevo ever fit into that vest. Must have been taken after he ate a big stack o' pancakes at a Stampede breakfast. Probably even stole a couple off Mike Duffy's plate.

Red Canuck said...

Probably even stole a couple off Mike Duffy's plate.

NO ONE steals pancakes off Duffy's plate. No one steals anything off Duffy's plate.