Friday, March 14, 2008

Liberals Ponder Non-Confidence Motion, Will Abstain

RC Press (Ottawa) - Liberal leader Stephane Dion today announced that his party is seriously considering tabling a non-confidence motion in the House of Commons.

"This government has betrayed the trust of Canadians on a number of issues", said an angry Dion. "From the Cadman affair, to NAFTAgate, to inaction on the environment, Stephen Harper has failed to live up to his responsibilities as Prime Minister"

"It is our opinion that this government can no longer stand, so we will be meeting over the weekend to consider drafting a motion of non-confidence".

When asked if he was prepared to topple the Conservative government over the issue, Dion took a more cautious tone. "We'll have to see about that".

Later, MP Ralph Goodale reassured Canadians that they wouldn't be heading to the polls anytime soon. "We have every intention of introducing a non-confidence motion, but we have no intention of bringing down the government over it. We know that Canadians don't want to have another election at this time".

The sentiment was echoed by Deputy Leader Michael Ignatieff. "Look, we know that this government has presided over one travesty after another, and we cannot allow it to go on. Mr. Harper continues to obfuscate, evade questions, and steer this country in the wrong direction. Canadians demand better. As the official opposition, it is our duty to bring a non-confidence motion to the floor, and send the Conservatives packing."

"But an election is not the way to accomplish this. So when our motion comes up for a vote, Canadians can be confident that we will not bring down the government over this issue. We'll simply abstain. If Mr. Layton, Mr. Duceppe, and Mr. Harper want to force Canadians into an early election, it will be on their heads".

In response, Prime Minister Harper issued the following statement: "Saying they have no confidence in me amounts to a defamation of my character, and so I have decided to file a second lawsuit against the Liberal Party, Stephane Dion, Ralph Goodale, Michael Ignatieff, Paul Martin, Barack Obama, the CBC, and the estates of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Lester B. Pearson. People need to realize that they cannot oppose me with impunity. I have referred the matter to my lawyer, so I'm afraid I can't comment further."


MD said...

Politics in this country might get interesting if the Liberal Party ever decides to stand up for something. Or maybe just show up and vote on something one of these days. Perhaps when Bob Rae and Martha Hall Findlay join the show they will inject a spine into the party. (BTW, I think its a given that Rae will win easily on Monday, but the Conservatives don't seem to have given up here in Toronto-Centre. I could start a bonfire with the amount of crap Conservative canvassers have shoved under my door in the last couple of days).

Red Canuck said...

MD - I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with the shenanigans in parliament. I can scarcely recall a time when we've had such a complete group of totally ineffectual parties in the House of Commons.

Bob Rae and Martha will easily win their seats, but it's unlikely they will susbstantively change the collective bipolar disorder that seems to have manifest itself within the opposition. Having said that, Jane Taber was speculating today that if the Liberals do well in the byelections, they may decide to bring down the government and "go for it". Somehow, I doubt it, but we'll see.

I could start a bonfire with the amount of crap Conservative canvassers have shoved under my door in the last couple of days

Not a bad idea. Might as well put that shit to good use.

Anonymous said...

"I could start a bonfire with the amount of crap Conservative canvassers have shoved under my door in the last couple of days)."

The Cons employ professional canvassers and sign crews in unheld ridings to make a difference. It seems they have the money to do so.

Red Canuck said...

Mushroom - I saw a news item a while back about the organization of "CPC Central". Apparently they keep computerized records of all the people they contact, with detailed info about their likelihood of voting Conservative, their demographics etc. It was quite the setup...and costly to be sure.

Steve V said...

LOL :)

WesternGrit said...

RedCanuck - we have the same tool, basically. It's called ManagElec...

Greg said...

Perhaps when Bob Rae and Martha Hall Findlay join the show they will inject a spine into the party.

If you are pinning your hopes on Bob Rae to give your party a spine, all I can say is, good luck. Bob's spine is so soft it can be used as a pillow. He couldn't even bring in public car insurance with a majority government, for goodness sake.

Anonymous said...

A new Ipsos poll, 81% do not want an election..what is one supposed to do with a million confidence votes ?

Red Canuck said...

Greg - He couldn't even bring in public car insurance with a majority government, for goodness sake.

True, he didn't fulfil that campaign promise, but that had more to do with concerns about job losses during a terrible recession. I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision for him, but presumably he had to balance his party's commitment to public insurance with its commitment to protecting jobs for "working Ontarians" during difficult economic times. He chose the latter, and whether or not it was the right choice is a matter for debate.

On a related note, I moved from Ontario to BC a few years ago, and despite an unblemished driving record for umpteen years, my car insurance rates are significantly higher here in BC (with public auto insurance) than in Ontario. I always assumed they would be lower. I'm not sure how it works, but I suspect in a private system, good drivers get very low rates, but bad drivers are essentially uninsurable, where as perhaps here more people can get insured but everyone pays a bit more? Who knows...

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