Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama Hates America

In a move bound to enrage Pennsylvania bitters and Joe Sam the plumber tax cheat war correspondent douchebag, President Obama has backed away from "Buy American" provisions in his economic stimulus bill. Perhaps realizing that a widespread trade war over such a measure would likely damage the American economy and prolong the global economic downturn, Obama today took a step away from protectionist policies.
Mr. Obama said any parts of the bill that could spark retaliation from U.S. allies should be removed. [...] “I think it would be a mistake ... at a time when worldwide trade is declining for us to start sending a message that somehow we're just looking after ourselves and not concerned with world trade,” Mr. Obama said on the Fox television network.
Somewhere, Lou Dobbs is weeping softly.


RuralSandi said...

Lou Dobbs has an identity problem. Claims to be independant when all his life he was a staunch republican.....and I think he's doing this independant thing out of embarrassment.

And, he's attacked Obama from the get go....bigot? Notice he only shows emails that compliment him.

I can't stand watching him anymore. He's an angry, opinionated blowheart.

Anonymous said...

why is it, that if one does not support "the one" then that person is a "bigot"??? This type of attitude to anyone opposing his policies will have a backlash.
No one cares about his color, thats gone and done for, it is now about the democratic policies, who by the way any same person would condemed, but thats me. They used it to shut the opposition to him in the campaing and are continuing it now, seems to work on the low brows. But this will only feed the resentment to a point of making him look dumb, "the only reason he sits in the white house is because he has a darker tan than everybody else". Mark my words, in the long term this is what is going to happen. When all the hoopla is gone he will be ridiculed for this racist attitude, and it is racist to bring up his tan to shut any opposition. " dont talk about the policies, talk about his tan", give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Anon: 5:37 - seems you haven't watched much of Dobbs....daily "rants" about immigrants, etc.

When I say rants - I mean absolute temper trantrums, interrupting his guests and demonizing his guests - what a guy. He needs therapy

And, if you paid attention - white supremacy, threats and bigotry is on the rise since Obama's election. In fact, it's rising rapidly.

Red Canuck said...

Anon @ 5:37 - Have you ever watched Dobbs' show on CNN? All he does is bitch about immigrants destroying America, stealing American jobs and bringing disease with them. He opines endlessly about tightening up US borders. By inference, I would imagine that he would be highly supportive of protectionist measures in the name of protecting "real American workers"...whatever that means.

opit said...

Dobbs should be right in his element about now, then. 'Illegals' have been going home because they can no longer survive in the new U.S. economy.
He's pretty well SOP for a shock jock anyway : there to bring hate to a boil.
Obama hasn't taken long to show the only 'colour' that counts : air attacks in Pakistan, more troops to Afghanistan, government secrecy upheld and lack of prosecutions for War Crimes : though Belgium will be no help and a 2002 Congressional loophole tosses accountability. Whistleblower protection was stripped from the budget.
Closing Gitmo and winning temporary easing of hostilities with Russia and Iran aren't going to help street cred that much.

Anonymous said...