Monday, May 7, 2007

Let's Go! Kurdistan

Sometimes browsing the conservative side of the blogosphere is a revealing exercise. In amongst the rolling pastures of idiocy, it's possible to find some bloggers that slide under even the basest of expectations. Take this nugget, for example, posted yesterday on Canadian Blue Lemons.

It seems that 'Lemon' has some issues with the CBC. Specifically, a piece on CBC Sunday Edition by Michael Enright detailing the numerous failures in the ongoing human tragedy of Iraq. According to Lemon, the piece was "certainly the most uninformed, biased report on Iraq to which I have ever been an audience" . I guess dear Lemon has never been an audience to reports on Iraq by virtually anyone at FOX news. You can catch just a sampling of FOX lies and distortions here.

Still according to Lemon, life in Mesopotamia is pretty rosy these days. How good?

"...reports I get from US soldiers say that people in Baghdad live pretty normal lives - the kids go to school every day, Dad goes to work and Mom to the market. Every week or so there's some gunfire or bomb noise somewhere within earshot and people go inside for an hour or two."

Sounds like life is pretty sweet in Baghdad, no? Well, except for the bombs and gunfire...but c'mon, you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs! (As long as they're Iraqi eggs).
This type of colossal ignorance is hard to forgive and even harder to understand. Nervermind that it's also factually incorrect. U.S. officials have admitted that not even the Green Zone in Baghdad is safe. And John McCain had to retract comments he made about being able to stroll around safely in Baghdad markets. For a complete listing of the ongoing injuries and deaths in Iraq, you can check this site.

But the icing on the top of this particular fruitcake is this pearl:

"And he fails to mention how Kurdistan has become a tourist hot spot."

The link given to support this outrageous claim is the webpage for Kurdistan Tourism. I find it hard to believe that even the most fanatical, fringe-element, lunatic right wing crackpots could buy that Kurdistan is now a tourist "hotspot". And if a tourism website is all one needs to claim such an honour, then I would direct Lemon to Syria.

Happy Travels!

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