Sunday, May 6, 2007

Ontario to be Partitioned!!

Or so says Randy Hillier, the new Progressive Conservative nominee for the Lanark Frontenac Lennox/Addington riding in Ontario. Actually, he says and does a lot of crazy things. He's the type of right-wing nutjob that even Rob Anders would envy.

Here are his thoughts on partitioning the Province of Ontario:

"For rural Ontario to breathe freely once again the urban political noose must be cut from its neck, and a new province formed, liberated from the tyranny of the silent mob majority. A new provincial legislature, complete with its own constitution, that promotes justice, freedom and protection of private property and liberty, without infringing upon others is the answer."

On the Rule of Law:

"To all of the people who are clamouring and supporting these abuses, and cheering for greater safety: what will you say, when you are imprisoned, or fined for having a beer in your backyard, eating fatty foods, or creating smoke from your BBQ? What will you do when your child is taken away, or your house expropriated?"

On the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA):

"It is becoming increasingly clear and evident that the CFIA is being manipulated by Corporate Canada to eliminate competition and monopolize the food industry...The latest assault against small bakeries cannot, and will not be tolerated. The Landowners and rural people will not comply with CFIA’s increasing appetite for the cannibalism of rural Canada."

In 2005, Hillier organized a tractor convoy protest which jammed highways around Toronto. Incensed at the lack of government action on "nuisance deer" in Lanark county, his Lanark Landowners Association shot a deer, named it "Leona", then sent a picture of it to Environment Minister Leona Dombrowski. "Yeah, I think that got our point across," Hillier said.

All of this is undoubdetdly a concern for provincial PC leader John Tory. Only last week, Tory stated that if elected Premier, he would sue anyone engaging in illegal protests or blockades, including "farmers protesting government policy".

You can't make this stuff up.

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