Monday, September 29, 2008

Harper "Appears" On Countdown With Keith Olbermann!

Funny little video of Keith Olbermann noticing that not all Junior Nitwits Tories are "standing up" for Canada.


Jerad said...

Wow. I've never seen someone collapse from sheer boredom before. That's some impressive work, sweaterman.

Bowler said...

Heh. I always find it weird when Canadian politics gets any coverage in the US. Its kind of like when they mention the Grey Cup winner during the NFL pre-game can tell the audience has no idea what they are talking about and could really care less.

The second part of the vid was interesting. I always found the Bruno segments of the TV show to be hilarious. Even more so than Borat he was able to get the most reactionary, racist of Americans to let their guard down and spew the most objectionable nonsense for the camera.

Red Canuck said...

Jerad - I toyed with a number of variations on the "hot air" and "toxic gas" jokes as well, but in the end just let the viddy speak for itself.

Red Canuck said...

Bowler - By good fortune, I discovered that my cable package out here includes MSNBC, so I get to watch Countdown and the Rachel Maddow show nightly. I too was a bit wierded out when I saw Harpo...nearly spit out my coffee in surprise.

I also found "Bruno" funnier than Borat, but I suspect the Bruno movie will oversaturate the joke.

MD said...

Olbermann was right...I hadn't guessed that was the guy who was going to fall.

Bowler, I agree that Bruno was often funnier than Borat. I didn't think the Borat movie was nearly as good as the TV show segments though. And the Ali G movie he made in Britain was painful to watch. Hopefully, this one will work out better in movie form.