Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome To The World's Lamest Convention

Yes folks, it's the Republican National Convention! Hampered by Hurricane Gustav, a controversial and generally unpopular VP pick, and legions of people who would simply rather watch their toenails grow, the RNC is off & limping. Here are some highlights from this ennui-fest.

  • RNC co-chairperson Jo Ann Davidson mistakenly says "The next vice-president of the United States, Sarah Pawlenty!". Wishful thinking, perhaps?

  • Another curious faux-pas came earlier in the day from McCain campaign manager Rick Davis, who referred to Palin as "Governor Failin".

  • Minnesotan congresswoman Michele Bachmann says "Some presidential nominees know more about service than others!", implying that Barack Obama should have gone to Vietnam as a ten year old child.

  • George W Bush adresses the convention via satellite, sparing McCain the spectacle of another embarrasing photo-op.

Someone wake me up when this thing ends.


Red Tory said...

Sara Failin'... Damn! Why didn't I think of that?

Sheesh. I'm just watching this snore-a-thon right now. Frederick of Hollywood... what a phony.

MD said...

A bunch of grumpy old men in a half-empty arena rarely generates much excitement. But when I watched Michelle Bachman's strange speech, I somehow remembered hearing about her before. A brief internet search triggered my memory...her insane quotations could entertain for hours. Although its pretty scary to think that people actually voted for her.

Red Canuck said...

RT - Sometimes this stuff just writes itself, doesn't it?

I just finished watching Freddy and Joe Lieberman. Thompson is a gut wrenching phony, but thank God he reminded us all that McCain was a POW. The nation was in grave danger of forgetting about that.

And Lieberman calling for bi-partisanship. How novel.

Old Republicans just seem...old. And the young ones are all batshit crazy zealots. Party on.

Red Canuck said...

MD - Wonkette and others have hilariously documented Bachmann's insanity. She's not unlike Palin in many of her views.

RuralSandi said...

Some are saying McCain is a POW - yup "Prisoner Of W".

Maverick? Ah, he's being controlled by the right wing wackos evangelicals - how maverick is that?

Where are Cheney, Rice?

Lieberman is such a jerk - he's toast unless McCain wins...then probably will get a cabinet position. He sounded so desparate last night.

You look at the audience - white old folks, gun tot'n boys, old man's club.

Good slogan - McSame and Failin.