Sunday, October 12, 2008

You Stay Classy, Luc Harvey.

When the going gets tough, the Conservatives get ugly. Take Luc Harvey. The Conservative incumbent in Louis-Hébert decided to crash a Bloc event in the riding and heckle Gilles Duceppe to the point that the RCMP were asked to move him out of the way.

When asked to explain his less than dignified behaviour, Harvey responded with typical CPC arrogance:
“I'm in my riding here. This is the riding of Louis-Hébert, and this is Luc Harvey's riding,” he said.
Luc Harvey's riding?? In 2006, this petulant cretin won by less than one fifth of one percent, earning a whopping 34.22% of the vote. This time around, predictions are that the Bloc will re-take the riding. Harvey would do well to keep these things in mind as he stomps around, claiming ownership of Louis-Hébert, and generally acting like an ass.


Anonymous said...

Apparently it's become fashionable for federalist Liberals to side with the Bloc when it's convenient. Why does it not surprise me that the Liberals would cheer a Bloc resurgence at the expense of the Conservatives? Party before country, after all.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the modus operandi and I think it's sad.

Peter Van Loan decided to crash Dion's speech when he spoke at the Empire Club and Devid Emerson crashed a couple of Liberal events last week when Dion was out in B.C.

I guess they think that since intimidation works in parliament is should work at partisan rally's.

Red Canuck said...

Anon @ 1:25 - In your wisdom, perhaps you could point me to the part of my post in which I was "cheering" for the Bloc.

Harvey, like most Conservatives, seems to have significant difficulty in dealing with political opposition in a respectful manner. You didn't see the Liberal candidate crashing Duceppe's event and heckling him did you?

The only "shameful" behaviour was Harvey's.

RuralSandi said...

What Harvey Luc has to realize - it is not his riding anymore unless he gets re-elected and stunts like this won't help him.

Anon 1:25 - could you be any more partisan and paranoid?

Shameful is what YOU are.

Red Tory said...

Could anything be funnier than the allegations of your “Anonymous” douche after the way the Conservatives were more than happy to dovetail with the Bloc and cheer them on in their AdScam nonsense when it suited their purposes, utilising them to effectively destroy the Liberals outside their core base on the island of Montreal?

Party before country indeed...

Shameful! LOL

Red Canuck said...

This "Country First" meme is becoming increasingly tiresome - on both sides of the border. It carries with it the notion that other (non conservative) national parties are somehow less patriotic, which is insulting to say the least.

J-M said...

I live in Louis-Hébert riding.. Saturday morning Luc Harvey knocked on my door. I told him i'd never vote for him (I'm an environmental economist and anyone who knows something about that discipline clearly knows Conservatives' politics in that domain are just a joke...). Luc Harvey then started on some tirade about biocarburants and how his Party had done great things.. I then asked him a couple of basic questions on biocarburants and he couldn't answer at all... I finded it very funny and I guess he was a bit frustrated. He then said to me and I quote :"Ouin c'est ça, vous pensez tout connaître vous autres les intellos mais c'est le cash qui mène le monde rentre toi ça dans la tête mon criss!".. Here's the translation :
"Yeah, you intellectuals think you know a lot , but money rules the world, remember that, asshole!!"

I won't vote for the Bloc but Mr Duceppe is right, Luc Harvey is a frustrated imbecile.. I hope people will kick him out in a big way.. What a moron!

Red Canuck said...

JM - Interesting...I guess the CPC apples don't fall far from the tree! They all have this odd habit of talking without the benefit of facts, and when confronted, resorting to personal attacks. Sad, isn't it?

Good for you for setting him straight!

MD said...

Wow, that's classless. I remember Judy Sgro crashing a Con event during the meltdown of Paul Martin's national campaign. It just telegraphs desperation. (Although in fairness Sgro never levelled personal insults and did not get herself ejected).

BTW, the link to the election prediction project was pretty depressing. They think the Libs may lose over a dozen seats in Ontario. If that's true, this election is over. It will all depend on the vote splits.

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