Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"They really, at a basic level, have quite a bit in common," Harper spokesman Kory Teneycke told The Canadian Press, pointing out that both come from "outside the political establishment."
Obama is a young, charismatic, energetic and genuine young leader who has captured the imagination of his country and the world by embodying the virtues of reason, intellect and bipartisanship.

Harper is a fat, dorky, boring political opportunist who has failed to win a majority government despite non-existent opposition, stood in the way of international climate change initiatives, denied economic problems as late as last November, and displayed a hyper-partisan streak so pathological it nearly sank his own government.

Yeah, Kory, they're virtually twins.


Babylonian777 said...

Funny do one with Dion next to Obama.

Then, do one with Harper on the Ice playing hockey and Obama on stage not paying attention to one of the 30 cameras that has him in the worst looking position.

WesternGrit said...

Harper and "outsider"??? WTF??? This guy was a political hack - the hack's definition of "hack" - from day one. He started his employment as a young assistant to a PC MP from Calgary. He ran as a Reform candidate, then got a cushy patronage job with Reform's biggest private booster club and lobbyist firm, the NCC... He then came back to politics. Oh yeah.. almost forgot his "young Conservatives" boys' club education at U of C after unceremoniously dropping out of the U of T. The very same group of ideologues who coached him through college in Calgary were the roots of the Reform Party... Not an outsider, I'd say.

Just WHAT part of "outsider" did KT mean?

Babs: Worst looking position? For Harper ANY position is bad. Red was simply pointing out the physical differences between the two. Ever see Barack without a shirt on? And don't even get started about the mental differences. Harper eked out a pass at a Reform-friendly school that was friendly to his ideology. Obama was the son of an immigrant, a visible minority, and from a completely non-monied background, going to Harvard. Barack's intellect is beyond anything Harper can imagine.

Remember, this is the Conservative Party of "dumbing down" everything because we despise the egg-heads, and "ivory-tower elitists". Intelligence isn't something Conservatives like - or aspire towards - it appears.

knb said...

Babylonian, I suspect many of us would do the comparison to Dion, IF anyone in the Liberal camp was stupid enough to present a completely ridiculous case as to how he and Obama were preactically separated at birth!.

RuralSandi said...

Babylonian777 - Harper has never played hockey. He can't skate and said so himself. If you want to talk about "look at me" - how many photo-ops have Canadian taxpayers paid for with Harper? That's all he does - doesn't even have the guts to talk to Canadians at town hall meetings.

And, isn't it the time way overdue on Dion attacks?

I find Harper embarrassing.

Harper/Obama - twins? Good grief, their political views are absolutely the opposite and in the end that's what counts.

Anonymous said...

Iggy do anything athletic. He even walks like he has a pickle up his ass. His shape is like the guy who gets sand kicked on him at the beach. Shaking hands with him is like holding a dead fish.

Anonymous said...

s/b Ever seen Iggy do anything athletic?.....sorry

RuralSandi said...

Yes - Iggy was "captain" of the soccer team in school.

Harper gets exercise playing with kittens.

Red Canuck said...

Babylonian & Anonymouse - There is also nothing in common between Mickey Mouse and Obama. However, unlike Conservative spokestards like Kory, neither the Walt Disney Corporation nor the Liberal Party have claimed otherwise.

For the CPC to suggest that Dear Leader and Obama have a lot in common is beyond laughable.

Anonymous said...

Rural Sandi I heard sockher was his game. He's a phoney. All his connections and he had to meet Obama in an airport hanger. He claimed today that at Harvard he was a "professor of war laws". WTF is he talking about. He doesn't even have a law degree.

WesternGrit said...

"Rural Sandi I heard sockher was his game. He's a phoney. All his connections and he had to meet Obama in an airport hanger. He claimed today that at Harvard he was a "professor of war laws". WTF is he talking about. He doesn't even have a law degree."

Tsk... tsk... tsk... Not sure where to begin with this one (so much to pick on). First of all, I think you meant "soccer". As far as "connections", that doesn't mean anything in the world of diplomatic protocol - and the PMO had the play-call on this visit. The opposition parties, and even Mr. Obama follow the itinerary of the host nation.

As far as the "war laws" reference, it would be a reference to human rights/history courses focused on the legal aspects of law. You don't need to be a lawyer to teach it. I had a "Law" class in high school, and my teacher wasn't a lawyer.

Nice try though...

Bowler said...

Heh. I found it ironic though, that it was Obama who was buying the fattening fried dough and whipped cream dessert and not our own tubby Dear Leader. I wonder if Obama actually ate that Beaver Tail or had it sent over to the Senate for Mike Duffy.

(RC - I love this blog. We can still joke about the portly Mike Duffy finishing other people's food for them even though we are a continent away)

Seriously, though, the most interesting contrast for me was the footage of the cheering crowds for this visit compared to the footage of the large protests outside Parliament Hill for Bush's visit to Canada in 2004. So much for the supposed "anti-Americanism" of Canadians that Harper and his ilk were so quick to find in the lack of support for the Iraq War and opposition to Bush/Cheney.

Red Canuck said...

Bowler - I believe the Duffster now has his Beaver Tails liquefied and fed to him via continuous IV infusion.

It was almost pathetic to watch Harper standing beside Obama and waving feebly to the cheering crowd that clearly didn't give two shits about him. Harper could have dropped his pants and started masturbating, and it's doubtful anyone would have noticed.

Having said that, the CNN-style up-to-the-second nonstop media coverage and virtual fellating of the President was a bit nauseating.

mauser98 said...

Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan, missles to europe, Predator drones over US /can. border. Change, you got it.

Anonymous said...