Sunday, March 8, 2009

Again With The dr roy...

It's the weekend, and I didn't feel like taxing my brain too much. So I cruised over to the lowest common denominator of Blogging Tory idiocy, the mudfortunate dr roy. As usual, the good doctor didn't fail to disappoint.

Leaving aside for the moment dr roy's juvenile writing style, chronic misspellings, and general assault on the English language, his overall "premise" of a Democrat hidden agenda was addressed and dismissed adroitly by Bill Maher and his guest Cory Booker on Friday night's episode of RealTime.
Maher: "Do you think there's any truth to what the Republicans are saying that the Democrats are taking advantage of this crisis to put forth their agenda? Now that's what Republicans think because when 9/11 happened, of course that's what they did; they took advantage of a crisis to put forth their agenda. So they think 'Well, this must be how everybody operates, because that's what we do!.'"
For Booker's response, scroll to 5:24 in the video.

And Roy, "tobamessiah"? Seriously?? Have you just stopped trying? Dude, get yourself a spell checker. Your blog will still suck, but at least it'll be intelligible.


MD said...

A spellchecker would make it intelligible? I doubt it. A spellchecker can't create a cohesive train of thought. And besides, the blog would lose some its...shall we say, "charm."

The idea of "taking advantage of the situation" is a little more complicated. Every politician has a political agenda, hence he goes into politics. If Obama feels that healthcare reform, for instance, is now politically possible because of the gravity of the economic crisis, I don't think its wrong to try pushing ahead.

Red Canuck said...

In so far as he was elected on the basis of his "agenda", he should absolutely go ahead and implement it. And if right wing whackjobs don't like it, well that's just too goddamn bad. I didn't hear them freaking out when GWB said that he was going to spend the political capital he'd "earned" by winning his second term.

As for roy's blog, he doesn't have a "cohesive train of thought" beacuse he doesn't have an original thought. He just regurgitates what other wingnuts write, and heartily agrees. And I think "charm" is rather an overstatement, don't you?