Monday, April 13, 2009

A Few Tears Ago...

Well, Dr Roy is at it again. The man whose blog is a full-time shrine to Oberbefehlsleiter Harper is concerned that Jon Stewart is a little too partisan. And he takes care to let us know that he doesn't find Stewart all that funny. Shocking, that. Presumably, he prefers the comedy stylings of washed-up 80's SNL reject Dennis Miller. If you're reading, Roy, here are a few observations:
  • It's Breitbart, dude, not "Breibart". If you're going to cite a source, no matter how rancid, do them the courtesy of spelling their name correctly.
  • "That holly wood is very liberal is no surprise". Hollywood, the town, is a single word that starts with a capital H. Holly Wood is a porn star. She may well be liberal, but I really wouldn't know.
  • "It's hilarious that stewart said he wanted more civility in public discourse , when his show is just an obamessiah worshipping anti GOP commercial." OK, Roy. Let me explain this to you. Stewart is a comedian. He doesn't claim to be a political pundit, and he regularly refers to TDS as a "fake news show". It's his job to be irreverent. So there is no hypocrisy or contradiction for him to suggest that those people who claim to be pundits, demonstrate some civility rather than just yelling talking points at each other. Secondly, I doubt you have any problems with execrable hacks like Hannity, Limbaugh, and O'Reilly running hyper-partisan GOP-worshipping, anti-Democrat commercials, do you? And lastly, Stewart pokes fun at idiots on both sides of the political spectrum. It's not his fault that most idiots gravitate to the GOP.
  • Read my lips: "S-P-E-L-L-C-H-E-C-K-E-R". That is all.


RuralSandi said...

Unbelievable. This guy is a doctor? His sources of inspiration - Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Dennis (loser) Miller, et al.

Also, Dr. Roy seems rather childish and naive. He continually resorts to the same silly names of reference - Obamasiah, chicken littles (does anyone use that phrase anymore?) and name drops as if somehow it makes him important that he saw or spoke to someone he felt was famous.

What's really frightening is his responders tell him what a great writer he is.

He's a supposedly a doctor - goes to concerts and theatre alot and doesn't know what comedic satire is?

Red Canuck said...

RuralSandi - He's remarkably dense. It never crosses his mind that people have rejected the GOP because of their failed policies, abrasive personalities, out-of-touch imbecilic politicians and general lack of ideas for America. No, rather he blames Jon Stewart and his evil liberal Hollywood cronies. What a maroon.

Red Tory said...

So, Jabba the Roy "actually met one of th writers for the show" did he?

First, what a "th writer"? Someone who crafts all of the words beginning with the letters "T" and "H" perhaps?

Second... BULLSHIT. Names... we want names!

Third, well to be honest, I don't have a third point other than to scream in frustration at the catastrophic retardation of this morbidly corpulent, so-called "doctor" and his online anal discharge of barely digested waste material culled from the far corners of Wingnuttia and disgorged like so many foul turds in the litter box of our political discourse.

Red Canuck said...

RT - Heh. Yes, well of course there's no way to ascertain the veracity of Roy's claims. Even if true, who gives a shit if some random writer that had the misfortune to meet Dr Roy was "embarrassed" by Stewart's Crossfire appearance? For a full-time Conservative fluffer like Roy to be upset about someone else's perceived 'bias' is totally ludicrous.

btw...the viddy on the sidebar dovetails nicely with your post on Beck.

jckirlan said...

Maybe he's too busy saving lives as an underpaid endocrinologist in this Godforsaken medical system. I am sure your weekly accomplishments pale to any of his daily 5 am rounds saving lives.
So either dedicate your the next 13 years of your life, with little to no pay, to becoming a specialist, or head to Tim Horton's for another coffee klatch and learn some humility.

Red Canuck said...

jckirlan - Well, hotshot, I happen to be a specialist physician myself, and I can tell you unequivocally that NO endocrinologist in this country rounds at 5 am "saving lives". LOL!! So why don't you can the melodramatic horseshit, and stop spewing nonsense about things of which you are totally ignorant.

Also, in classic wingnut fashion, you've conveniently failed to address the point of my post, which is that physician or otherwise, Roy is a hopeless partisan robot who is content to regurgitate GOP talking points without for a moment considering saner possibilities (as in my reply to RuralSandi).

MD said...

RC - Thanks for that exchange with jckirlan...I laughed so hard I almost cried. Where do people like that come from? I hadn't realized that our specialty training absolves us of any need for spelling, syntax, or coherent thought. Perhaps that's why the medical system is so "Godforsaken."

Anonymous said...

dr roy is a doctor. he is not liked by his patients if we go by rate my doctor website.

he does have some financial means above and beyond his salaries.

he does go around the travel to many "political" events.

dr roy should go to US if he does not like the medical system.

rumour would have it that he is still a virgin - or so his girlfriend says....

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